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Volunteering and Umbrella Insurance in Pittsburgh

When you lend your time to a local non-profit or informal charitable group, do you know what would happen if you were held responsible for an accident, injury, or loss? At Daniel Carinici Agency LLC, we appreciate members of the community who volunteer for worthy causes in Pittsburgh, PA, but we’re concerned.

Are You Covered When You Volunteer?

We know that when accidents happen, fingers are pointed and your good work is not always appreciated. Some organizations carry policies that might cover you if you’re a registered, long-term volunteer, but for how much? And if you just said yes to a request on the spur of the moment, even that might not be available to cover the situation.

Other insurance, such as home or auto, might possibly help, but a great solution in many cases is umbrella insurance. It extends your coverage to account for the unexpected and unusual, especially in amounts larger than a typical home or other basic coverage. In addition, umbrella insurance providers typically help you handle the legal issues involved in the claim, helping you to volunteer your valuable time without putting your assets or income at risk in case of liability claims.

Live Fully, and Carry Good Coverage

Volunteering is an important, highly fulfilling part of many people’s lives. At Daniel Carinici Agency LLC, we know that not having to worry about exposure to liability when you’re helping out at a kids’ baseball game, festival, or camping trip is important. Umbrella insurance, carefully selected by our experts, can provide solid protection that gets your mind off worries and onto the joys of volunteering and other activities in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Let us show you how umbrella insurance helps you protect your accumulated assets from the unfortunate risk of unexpected liability.

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