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Why Doesn’t Standard Home Insurance Cover Floods?

Home insurance covers many things. It’s important to read every policy, however, as not everything is covered, and there can be variations from policy to policy. Further, some things, including floods, are commonly excluded from standard home insurance plans. Let’s take a closer look at why flood damage is typically excluded from home insurance policies. If you’re looking for an insurance agent who serves Pittsburgh, PA, and other communities nearby, contact Daniel Carinici Agency LLC.

A Closer Look at Why Flood Damage is Often Not Covered

Few things can cause as much damage as a flood when it comes to destructive power. While a tornado might damage an entire neighborhood, floods can cause massive damage to large communities and beyond. Floods can strike in many places, and homes in low-lying areas face increased risks.

Floods are also very unpredictable. A flood might strike a town this year, but then that town may not see another serious flooding event for decades. It is all but impossible to predict when a flood will strike and how much damage might be caused.

This is crucial because such unpredictability, combined with the scale and scope of flood damage, makes it difficult to calculate insurance premiums. As a result, premiums would have to be sky-high to cover flood damage under a standard insurance plan. Instead, separate policies are offered, including through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Home insurance policies may cover some types of water damage. For example, if a pipe inside your home bursts, it may be covered. That said, speaking with an insurance agent is crucial to verify what is and is not covered by a specific policy. Do you have questions about flood insurance or other policies and want to speak to an insurance agency that serves Pittsburgh, PA, and other nearby communities? Contact Daniel Carinici Agency LLC.

Home-Based Businesses and Insurance: Are You Covered By Your Home Insurance Policy?

If your hustle happens right at home, kudos to you! But, have you considered whether your home insurance policy has got your back when it comes to your home-based business? At Daniel Carinici Agency LLC, serving the greater Pittsburgh, PA area, we’re here to help you unravel the intricacies of home-based business insurance and ensure your entrepreneurial endeavors are adequately covered.

The Business at Home: Gaps in Standard Coverage

Running a business from home is becoming increasingly common, but standard home insurance policies may not fully cover the unique risks associated with home-based businesses. Whether you’re creating crafts, offering consulting services, or selling products online, gaps in coverage can leave you exposed to potential losses.

Tailored Protection: Home-Based Business Insurance Explained

Enter home-based business insurance – a specialized coverage designed to bridge the gaps left by standard home insurance. This type of policy typically offers protection for business equipment, inventory, and liability related to your home-based operations. Whether a client visits your home office or a product gets damaged in transit, having the right coverage ensures that your business is safeguarded from potential financial setbacks.

Safeguarding Your Home-Based Business

Whether you’re crafting, consulting, or selling from home, don’t leave your business exposed to unnecessary risks. Daniel Carinici Agency LLC in Pittsburgh, PA is your go-to resource for navigating the world of home-based business insurance. Protect your entrepreneurial dreams with us – because securing your business is as important as building it. Call us today if you’re interested in obtaining a new home insurance policy or need to make changes to an existing one.

Four essential rules to follow when you insure your home

Choosing home insurance could turn out to be one of the most important decisions you make as a homeowner. At Daniel Carinici Agency LLC, we can offer you information and assistance to help you make that decision. 

There are a few things you need to do when you’re on the market for home insurance in Pittsburgh, PA.

The following are four essential rules to follow when you insure your home:

Understand the difference between replacement value and actual cash value.

You can either get replacement value coverage or actual cash value coverage on your home insurance policy.

You should know that replacement value coverage will generally offer you more because this type of coverage allows you to completely replace your home if it becomes destroyed. On the other hand, actual cash value policies only compensate you for the current market value of your property. 

Get alternative accommodation coverage.

If your home experiences extensive damage, you may not be able to live in it for a certain period of time. Alternative accommodation coverage will pay for temporary lodging for your household if this happens. 

Know the value of your property and possessions.

For complete coverage, you should have a policy that offers you the full value of your property and possessions in coverage. That’s why it’s a good idea to have your home and valuables appraised when you purchase home insurance. 

Consider making some updates to your home.

Making your home safer and more secure can qualify you for insurance discounts. You therefore might want to consider investing in home updates before purchasing insurance. 

Are you ready to insure your home in Pittsburgh, PA?

If you’re looking for a policy quote, we’ll be happy to come to your assistance at Daniel Carinici Agency LLC. Call or go online to learn more about the home insurance coverage options that we offer. 

Benefits of Combining Flood Insurance With Your Home Coverage

Living in Pittsburgh, PA means you’re at risk of floods because of its location along the Allegheny, Ohio, and Monongahela rivers. When it comes to protecting your home from flood damage, it’s essential to invest in the right type of insurance coverage. Here are some benefits of combining flood insurance with your existing home coverage policy.

What is Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance helps cover damage caused by flooding and/or water overflows, such as a broken pipe or a severe storm. This type of insurance can provide peace of mind if you live in an area prone to flooding and help protect your home and possessions from potential losses due to water damage. At the Daniel Carinici Agency LLC, we can help you find the right flood insurance policy for your needs.

The Cost-Effective Option

When you combine your existing home insurance with a separate flood insurance policy, you can save money on premiums without sacrificing quality protection for your home. In addition, most policies include additional protection for personal property and belongings damaged by flooding.

Reliable Coverage

Combining both policies ensures that they fully protect all areas of your home against water damage caused by floods or other sources, such as malfunctioning pipes or appliances. You can also know that any repairs or replacements needed after an incident are covered under this comprehensive plan.

Contact Us Today

To learn more about the benefits of combining these two types of policies, contact the Daniel Carinici Agency LLC in Pittsburgh, PA today! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about combining flood insurance with existing homeowners coverage in Pennsylvania. Get started now and protect yourself from potential financial loss because of flooding!

Home inventory: Finding the right home insurance coverage in Pittsburgh, PA

Few debate "why" home insurance is important. Yet many homeowners struggle with a seemingly simple question: "How much home insurance do I need?"

Fortunately, Daniel Carinici Agency LLC, serving the greater Pittsburgh, PA community, has the answer. Although there are several factors to consider, it begins with a home inventory. A home inventory catalogs your possessions. This document will expedite the claims process and ensure a higher, more accurate payout.

That’s why we advice everyone to conduct a thorough review before purchasing home insurance.

Here we list five steps for conducting a comprehensive home inventory:

Organize each area

Divide and conquer. Avoid getting overwhelmed by sectioning your home by room or area. Complete one space before moving on to the next.

Record basic information

Jot down descriptions of each item. Include purchase dates and prices. For appliances and electronics, write down any makes, models, and serial numbers too. Taking pictures or scanning sales receipts is also recommended.

Group less expensive items

Trying to list everything separately can be exhausting. Lump together low-cost items, like cooking utensils and clothing. Assign a dollar value to the whole group.

List out more expensive items

Jewelry, antiques, collectibles, and other valuables are the exception. Since these may require additional protection, note these higher-end items individually. Once you’ve compiled the list, consult with an agent to ensure these valuables will be covered.

Update frequently

Your home inventory is a living document. At a minimum, it should be reviewed and updated each year. Add any new items to your digital records, but keep a hard copy somewhere as a backup.

Contact an agent serving Pittsburgh, PA

Using your home inventory, Daniel Carinici Agency LLC can craft an accurate assessment of your home insurance needs. Schedule an appointment to review with one of their agents today.

Insuring a Historical Home

Insuring a Historical Home

What are the differences between insuring a historical home and a new home? Daniel Carinici Agency LLC of Pittsburgh, PA wants you to understand the differences between the two and the type of homeowners’ insurance they receive. Homeowners’ insurance differs depending on the type of structure and the credit history of the individual purchasing the insurance.

When you insure a historical home, you can’t do so with a standard home insurance policy. An HO-3, or standard policy, provides coverage for newer homes only. When you purchase a historical home, your home insurance will be an HO-8 policy. That policy type caters to older homes.

Your insurance agent will typically examine your home with a contractor to ensure it meets the building code. This examination documents the home’s condition before issuing a policy. The process saves the insurance agency from having claims filed for items like fires caused by faulty wiring or flooding caused by worn, burst pipes.

Home insurance policies that cover historical homes don’t cover the same items as an HO-3 policy. An HO-8 combines the coverage of a dwelling policy (HO-1) with liability, personal property, medical payments, and additional living expenses. A dwelling policy only covers the physical structure of the home and its attached structures, like a garage or porch. Another difference is that it only covers 10 named perils, while a standard policy covers all perils, providing what is called open-peril coverage.

When you know the differences upfront, you can make an informed buying decision and add coverage to your HO-8 policy to best protect your historical home. Contact Daniel Carinici Agency LLC of Pittsburgh, PA today to learn more about how homeowners’ insurance protects your home.

Four Essential Things to do When Buying Home Insurance

Home insurance comes second after buying a home. That’s why you need to make sure you get the most out of your policy. But how do you know which coverages to buy when you don’t have a clue what to look for? If you are in the market for a policy that fits your needs, Daniel Carinici Agency LLC is ready to answer any questions you may have regarding home insurance. However, there are four things you can do to make your insurance journey easier.

Do enough research

Before contacting any insurance provider, research home insurance. Find out what coverages are offered and how much insurance you might need. You also need to familiarize yourself with the home insurance claim process if a covered accident happened in your home.

Shop around

Don’t just walk to your nearby Pittsburgh, PA insurance company, but consider checking online offers. Most insurance companies have websites to find information from the policies offered to the location and contacts. Compare quotes and find out what each company is bringing to the table. Don’t go for the cheapest, but look for discounts.

Ask what you don’t understand.

Once you have your ideal company, don’t sign anything until you have understood your policy. Ask questions where you don’t understand, find out what is not covered, and enquire about discounts and deductibles. Most home insurance policies only cover a few natural disasters, so make sure you know which ones to avoid filing claims for uncovered perils.

Review your insurance needs before signing

Your home insurance needs keep changing, and that’s why you may want to study your insurance needs before buying insurance. For instance, if you have teenagers in the house, you can focus on liability. If you live in a high crime rate area, you could buy enough personal property insurance and dwelling coverage.

For more information about home insurance in Pittsburgh, PA, contact Daniel Carinici Agency LLC today!

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