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Should You Keep Your Motorcycle Insurance Year-Round?

Sometimes, motorcycle owners in Pittsburgh, PA, are tempted to let their motorcycle insurance lapse during winter when bikes generally aren’t on the roads. Letting coverage lapse can have unwanted consequences, though. Instead, we at Daniel Carinici Agency LLC usually advise that riders adjust coverages rather than cancel their policy altogether.

Continuous Protection Against Theft and Damage

Even when not in use, your motorcycle could still be susceptible to risks like theft, vandalism, or incidental damage while stored. These risks are normally covered under a motorcycle insurance policy’s comprehensive coverage. If that coverage lapses, then you could be without recourse if your bike is damaged.

This is one of the main reasons why we at Daniel Carinici Agency LLC advise most riders to maintain their comprehensive coverage at least.

Compliance With State Coverage Requirements

Of course, motorcycles should be insured with a policy that meets Pennsylvania’s minimum coverage requirements whenever they’re on the road. Riders should generally have additional protections (e.g., comprehensive coverage) and higher limits than the state requires.

Cost-Effective Strategies

Many riders believe that canceling insurance during winter will save money, but the potential cost of damage is much more than what premiums could be saved. 

Rather than canceling your policy, let our agents adjust coverages so that you can save without taking on unnecessary risk. We can help you maintain coverage against damage when storing your bike and then readjust coverages to meet state requirements when you go back on the roads around Pittsburgh, PA, in spring. 

You’ll see some savings, and you can rest easily knowing your bike is adequately protected for the end of the year.

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