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Life Insurance Isn’t A Luxury, It’s a Necessity

No one can say what the future holds, and being prepared is always the best defense against life’s expected events. That’s why life insurance makes so much sense. Whether you are married, have a family, or are single, life insurance can provide security and peace of mind for your future. At Daniel Carinici Agency LLC, we help individuals in the Pittsburgh, PA, area acquire the life insurance they need to secure their finances.

Do You Need Life Insurance?

You may think only family breadwinners need life insurance to help manage expenses if something happens to them. But life insurance can help clear up many types of debt people incur in today’s world. Single people may have debt to pay off that they don’t want other family members to worry about. Life insurance can pay off a mortgage to allow you to pass on property to loved ones mortgage-free. It can help to provide money to help care for elderly parents. It can provide funds for dependent siblings.

Different Types of Insurance For Different Needs

The various types of life insurance are designed to fulfill different financial and budgeting needs. Term life insurance is most affordable and offers a fixed death benefit for a period of time but has no cash value that could be borrowed against. Whole life insurance is in force for life, with a fixed benefit and cash value that can be borrowed against. Universal and variable life insurance offers a lifetime policy but a flexible benefit and cash value that can be borrowed against.

Our experienced agents are here to help you get answers to your questions and to help individuals in the Pittsburgh, PA, area ensure financial stability in all of life’s circumstances. Contact Daniel Carinici Agency LLC for a no-obligation quote on life insurance that helps make life easier for loved ones if something should happen to you.

Life Insurance FAQs

Life insurance is a gift you provide to those you love to help them survive the loss of your income and support. At Daniel Carinici Agency LLC in Pittsburgh, PA, we help our customers to make the right choices when it comes to the type and amount of life insurance to provide their dependents with the necessary amount of security. 

Life Insurance FAQs

Should I buy whole life or term insurance?

Both types of life insurance offer death benefits. In addition, whole life insurance lasts forever and earns dividends. It can be borrowed from as it has a cash value. Term insurance lasts for the term of the policy, and then it is gone. Both can have a place in your financial plans. 

Do I need more than the life insurance I get from work?

You have little or no control over the life insurance you receive as a benefit. Life insurance is too important to be left to someone else to take charge of. What if you change employers or your company goes belly up? You could be left without life insurance. 

Can my life insurance be canceled?

The most common reason for life insurance cancelation is non-payment of the premium. If you are having financial difficulties, contact your insurance carrier, they may be able to work with you to save your policy.

How much life insurance do I need?

You need enough life insurance to make sure those who depend on you will have the money they need to continue to live the lifestyle that they have become accustomed to. Your income needs to be factored in as well as the number of years it will be required. 

We Can Help!

When you need information about life insurance, you can count on the Daniel Carinici Agency LLC in Pittsburgh, PA to provide what you need. 

Can I Get a Private Life Insurance Policy If I Already Have Life Insurance Through Work?

It is not uncommon for an individual to have a life insurance policy through their employer. Most employers offer at least a small life insurance policy to their employees. One of the questions that Daniel Carinici Agency LLC, providing life insurance to residents of the greater Pittsburgh, PA area, is often asked is whether you can obtain a private life insurance policy if you already have a life insurance policy through work. 

Can I Get a Private Life Insurance Policy If I Already Have Life Insurance Through Work?  

Yes. There is no limit on the number of life insurance policies an individual is allowed to carry. As such, you can obtain a private life insurance policy if you already have a life insurance policy through work, or if you already have one private life insurance policy, you can obtain a second if you wish. 

Why Would You Want a Life Insurance Policy Outside of Your Employer’s Policy? 

Having a policy through your employer can be beneficial, but having a private policy has its benefits. If your employer goes out of business, lets you go, or fails to pay the premium on the policy, you may find yourself without a life insurance policy. Having a private life insurance policy ensures you have full control over the policy, ensuring you have it at all times, regardless of your employment status. 

Contact Us Today

There are many benefits to having a private life insurance policy, even if you already have a policy through your employer. At Daniel Carinici Agency LLC, serving the greater Pittsburgh, PA area, can answer all of the questions you have about life insurance and help you determine how much life insurance you truly need to ensure your loved ones are able to continue to live the same quality of life that you provide for them if you pass away. Call us today to obtain an estimate for a life insurance policy. 

What’s The Difference Between A Beneficiary And Dependent?

Life insurance is one of the most important financial products you can buy. It provides vital protection for your family and loved ones in the event of your death, protecting them from the financial impacts of losing their primary source of income. Over the course of a lifetime, the majority of people will depend on the income provided by life insurance in one way or another. Daniel Carinici Agency LLC is here to help Pittsburgh, PA residents understand this crucial financial decision. 

Who is considered a dependent?

A dependent is someone who relies on your income for support. They may be your children, your spouse, or any other person who depends on you for financial support. These persons are considered to have an "insurable interest" in your life. They are typically family members, but some insurance companies will also consider a business partner if they will suffer hardship and financial loss if you die.

Who can I name as a beneficiary?

When purchasing a life insurance policy, you have the option of naming a beneficiary. This person will receive the proceeds of your policy upon your death, typically in the form of a life insurance payment. You can choose to name only one person as a beneficiary, or you can name multiple beneficiaries. Generally, the person you choose as your primary beneficiary is the person who has the greatest insurable interest in your life.

What if I don’t have any dependents?

If you have no dependents, you can choose to name anyone as a beneficiary. This allows you to leave a legacy to those who are most important to you, whether that’s a loved one or a charitable organization. Typically, the insurance company will help to decide whether or not a beneficiary is an appropriate choice for your benefits.

A beneficiary does not necessarily have to be dependent, nor are you obligated to make a dependent your beneficiary. The choice is yours.

For more answers to life insurance questions, Pittsburgh, PA residents can reach out to Daniel Carinici Agency LLC today.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying Life Insurance

There are several things you need to know before buying life insurance. Knowing this information helps you determine which plan to purchase that will provide you and your family the financial security you seek. Additionally, knowing some of these things included below, you reduce your chances of being ripped off by an unreliable Pittsburgh, PA insurance company. Call us today at Daniel Carinici Agency LLC to discuss life insurance options and discuss purchasing a policy. 

Finding the Best Life Insurance Rates

It is best to work with an independent life insurance agent to shop for the best life insurance plans. The insurance agent can shop among multiple companies and compare the rates for you. Otherwise, you are responsible for calling different life insurance companies and getting quotes yourself.  

Finding an Independent Life Insurance Agent

As mentioned above, working with a life insurance agent is the best method to receive multiple quotes to get the best rates. However, how do you find an agent that is reliable and reputable? The best way to find an independent life insurance agent you can trust is to ask friends, co-workers, and family who they use. Additionally, you can check online to see any bad reviews or information about the agents you are considering. 

Life Insurance Shopping Mistake

The biggest mistake many people make when shopping for life insurance is not comparing policies. The next biggest mistake is not understanding everything about the policy you are purchasing. Both of these could result in paying higher premiums than you anticipated or have to pay. 

When shopping for life insurance in Pittsburgh, PA, give Daniel Carinici Agency LLC a call to discuss your options and how they can help you with your life insurance shopping needs. 

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