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Why Everyone Needs Flood Insurance

When you own a home in Pittsburgh, PA, it’s essential that you should have flood insurance to protect it. This is a specialty type of insurance that only protects against floods. It is needed in every area so that homeowners are protected against this highly destructive type of disaster. When you need a flood policy for your home, you can find out more about them by calling us at Daniel Carinici Agency LLC.

The National Flood Insurance Program

Flood insurance is so important to have that there is a government program that backs these insurance policies. Individual flood insurance policies can be purchased from us, but the price of the policy is set by the program. With that universal price in place, you pay the same amount for this coverage no matter where you buy it. That allows you to get the coverage that is so important to have without the need to shop around for it.

The program also guarantees the policy, so you don’t have to worry about the backing of these policies. 

Flood and Home Insurance

Many people never get flood insurance because they believe that their home insurance will pay for disasters that strike their homes. However, floods are not included in home insurance coverage. Your homeowner’s insurance will pay for floods that are caused by things like a burst pipe, but they won’t pay for the natural disaster flooding type. 

You have to have a separate policy to pay for the damages that floods can cause. A bad flood can ruin belongings as well as the building itself. Some homes need to be completely rebuilt after a flood. No matter what the damages are after a flood has occurred, your flood policy will help you to get back to normal again. 

Get Flood Coverage

To get your own flood policy, call us at Daniel Carinici Agency LLC in Pittsburgh, PA.

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